Nominal Mass Part 2: ‘to ride or to drive that is the question…’

Well I used my Garmin Edge 305 GPS/cyclometer and my camera and went out for a two hour ride today and documented some of the cycling challenges.

Below is a link to the ground I covered.

BTW if you want to convert data from a Garmin Edge 305 suitable for GIS or Google Earth you need to download a communicator from Garmin for your device, and go to and use their converter and you can download all kinds of files. I downloaded an EXCEL file, and I hope to use it for creating shp files for my project. [update it worked- hoo ray!]

A few observations:

North Arlington is hilly, that’s good for cycling enthusiasts looking for a workout, but not for novices and commuters.

Downtown Arlington is flat, that is good for commuters. It is very commercial, lots of used car lots and repair shops. Its also a little sketchy in some parts, such as dogs wandering around and some people who I don’t feel comfortable around on my overpriced bike and holding camera gear worth even more, so…

Fielder sucks!!!! I am comfy with traffic, but people really are not expecting a bike in “their” lane. I had one guy from the solace of his pick up truck yell out his window “faggot”- he must be a people person. Fielder also smelled of sewage near Randol Mil, but at least that masked the smell of diesel and 10% ethanol, and the one car that seriously need new rings or a valve job! Blue smoke is not cool!!!

Davis and Bowen are much better routes from UTA Blvd to the North towards Green Oaks.

To drive, or to ride, that is the question…


Fielder, north of Randol Mill, not a great path at 5pm


Fielder, just south of Green Oaks, not much traffic, but the rolling hills are too much for commuters


The beginning of the 1/2 mile of marked bike lanes in Arlington, this is on Pecan street between UTA Blvd and Mitchell. It’s flat, but given the crime on campus, I would not really want to ride my bike there. I did, but I was uneasy about it.

If you want to avoid the train, this is between Main and Division on West


This is a “roadie”, notice the skinny tires. This is on Green Oaks on the hike and bike trail- very nice…


Stopped to drink while on the bike lane on Pecan. Notice the compass to keep from getting lost, its also a bell! So I can “ding ding ding” to get people’s attention. I thought of getting a cow bell and tying it to my saddle,

since sometimes I feel to lazy to ding the bell.



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